Who We Are


REQUEL is a luxury, 100% natural skincare brand. Our creations are a fusion between the ancestral knowledge of Mediterranean herbal treasures and cutting-edge innovation in natural skincare.

based on the principles of sustainability, transparency, and fair-trade, and guided by genuine respect for nature and for each and every individual. We make unique, original, and highly effective “Fresh & Slow “ cosmetics, in small batches, with clean formulas and truthful marketing. 

We find our inspiration in our roots, but our vision is future-oriented, putting personal and global well-being on the same level. We believe that an ideal cosmetic product today must be in harmony with nature, and perfectly adapted to the needs of every modern, active, demanding, and responsible individual. REQUEL promotes a natural, healthy and simple way of using beauty products. We abide by the standards of “Clean Beauty”, “Less is More” and “Zero Waste”, with complete transparency in the raw material base and the production chain.





Ultimate Chronofreeze Serum

With Precious Plum Oil,
Essential Immortelle Oil and Bakuchiol

$ 139


The symbiotic fusion of super potent components in REQUEL Ultimate Chronofreeze Serum guarantees their outstanding anti-ageing and anti-oxidant regenerating capacity.

It is safe for all skin types, including sensitive and irritable skin. It is particularly soothing for facial skin irritated and dehydrated from wearing protective anti-COVID 19 masks.