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I couldn’t help but wonder…

Yes, it is 100% natural. Immortelle Oil is also 100% organic, ECOCERT certified.

Ultimate Chronofreeze Serum has a fragrant but pleasant natural smell coming from its ingredients, mostly from plum kernel oil. Many of our customers say it smells like marzipan.

Our cold-pressed Precious Plum Oil and legendary Immortelle Oil came from the Mediterranean region. Bakuchiol is endemic to certain Asian countries, such as the Himalayan regions of India, Pakistan, and China.

It requires one metric ton of Immortelle plant to make just 35oz of Immortelle essential oils. This is what makes REQUEL Ultimate Chronofreeze Serum one of the most high-quality products out there. And this is why there will only be a limited number of serums produced. Also, a limited batch is made to ensure the product is fresh and of the highest quality.

Yes it is! We are using bakuchiol, a natural substitute for retinol which is completely safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Ultimate Chronofreeze Serum doesn’t contain retinol, but its natural substitute bakuchiol. Therefore, products with vitamin C can be used within the same skincare routine.

Ultimate Chronofreze Serum can be a part of any or both routines. Our formula is entirely natural which brings the choice down to personal preference.

You can apply your day or night cream on top of the serum, or use it as a primer under makeup. You can also add a drop to your hand cream, foundation, body lotion, mask or scrub to boost the regenerating properties.

The Ultimate Chronofreeze Serum should come after cleansing and toning and before moisturizing.

Yes, you can use it on your hair, cuticles, lips, cracked elbows and knees…

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